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you are planning a beautiful wedding. 

Open bar, great food, getting wild on the dance floor...what's better than a great wedding?

Remembering it.  That's where Happy Hour Photo Co. has you covered. We're party archivists.


There are many factors at play during a wedding, and being able to count on the feel good fun of a photo booth to get guests smiling is priceless piece of mind.


You want your guests to enjoy themselves, so give them something to talk about besides how banging you two look. Happy Hour encourages everyone to loosen up and get in the mood for an epic late night dance party! Plus, our prints double as a wedding favour- two birds,

one photo booth!


Let's work together to make the booth of your dreams come true. Our team can create some magic; we can use an interesting venue wall or you are more than welcome to take the reins and DIY a backdrop that will leave

your guests in awe. The options are endless! 

BOOKING FOR 2019 AND 2020​ weddings now!

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